Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No Such Thing As Legislating Morality.

There are sprawling accusations that the “fundamental right” wishes to legislate morality; which has in turn coined a convenient sound byte for the left. It would seem that conservatives can’t call anything right or wrong without being blamed of legislating morality.

In order for congress to legitimately legislate morality, they would have to agree that that matter at hand is right or wrong. That is where laws come from, the principles and regulations established in a society. No one would accuse the government of “legislating morality” by imprisoning a convicted murderer.

Or what about the 13th amendment? I sincerely doubt that any person would accuse the government of “legislating morality” by abolishing slavery.

Laws are made to legislate morality. Let’s take Obama’s governing policy for example. From his perspective, it is “moral” to take money that one person earned and place it into the pocket of another person. To some, such as Obama, that belief of governing is “compassionate and moral”. To others it is a form of slavery, “the forcible use of one person to serve the purposes of another.” (A quote from Walter Williams http://www.gmu.edu/departments/economics/wew/articles/08/EvilConcealedByMoney.htm)

Morals do not only extend to paleo conservative issues such as abortion and gay rights. They extend to all issues within government.

For instance, the recent housing crisis seemed to bring forth an economic panic in America. Stocks dropped, and a nation wide “economic tsunami” allegedly rolled in. Most would describe this issue as separated from the paleo moral issues, but really, they’re all in one category.

Why did the companies face bankruptcy? Who were the customers? And why didn’t the institutions have enough money to stay afloat? Obviously it’s a complex issue, but the moral bottom line is that people borrowed money beyond their means to repay. They chose life styles they couldn’t afford, and lived in bigger houses than their pocket books could support. This is a moral problem.

And President Elect, Barack Obama’s said solution to such “economic” moral problems is to give these companies money that doesn’t belong to them. If that’s not legislating morality, then nothing is.
So is it appropriate for religion to play a part in legislating morality? I contend that there is no such thing as “legislating morality” without morals there would be no law.

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